Transposition [2013]

Interactive audiovisual installation. 30' x 32' x 6". MDF, elastic cord, video projectors, video camera, speakers, computer, custom software. Sound programming and composition by Peter Segerstrom.

Transposition is an audiovisual, interactive, site-specific installation that explores our perception of virtual and physical space. The installation builds upon our previous work with Notional Field by adding an interactive sound component, which was designed in close collaboration with Peter Segerstrom.

Our intention with adding sound to Transposition is to close the gap created by the experience of  ‘disembodied embodiment’ that occurs when you interact with these types of work: the body moves, the piece reacts, but there is no actual touch involved in the process.  The perception of touch is precipitated by an interactive sound system that reacts to body movements, much like the projection does, which outputs synthetic sounds to physically engage the body and thus to close the perceptual gap between body motion and reaction.

Transposition was first exhibited at the Denver Art Museum in May 2013.